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Drawing Competition - February 2017

To bring out the creativity and artistic talents among the APS students, a drawing competition was conducted at APS here on Friday the 17th Feb. Students participated in the competition to exhibit their creative skills in various topics like ‘APS logo’, ‘founder of the nation’ etc. Students proved that they not only excel in academics, but also shine in exhibiting their skills by their creative presentation. Well done guys – you’ve worked very hard.

Debate & Speech Competition - February 2017

APS conducted its first ever debate and speech competition in the school playground. The focus was on content and substance over style, encouraging APS students to engage in an intelligent contest of ideas and holding up their ideas to critical scrutiny. Students from Grade 1 to 4 delivered speeches on multiple topics such as importance of education etc. whereas students from Grade 5 to 9 covered a range of speeches as well as engaging in a healthy debate competition. As for the debate competition, each team consisted of two students in Grade 5 and up. Within their teams, students had to argue for or against a motion set by the school. Trophies/medals will be distributed among the winners on the occasion of the annual founders’ day to be held in March 2017. APS would like to thank all their staff and students, and, last but not least, everyone for their hard work and making it all happen.

Sports Event - December 2016

APS conducted its long-awaited sports event on December the 1st and 2nd, 2016 in the school sports ground. The aim was to encourage APS students of all ages and abilities to participate in different sports. Every class of the school actively participated in competitive sporting activities such as tug of war, football, badminton, volleyball, 50 meter race, frog race, hobble race, sack race, spoon race etc.

This sports event was all about making people feel included and enabling those children who have sporting talent to express that in vibrant and healthy competition. Trophies and medals were distributed among the winners by the APS CEO, Mr. Ali Afridi, and Principal, Maj (R) Manzur Hussain Qureshi. Bravo to all our staff and students for putting up such a fabulous show. We would like to thank everyone for their hard work in pulling together a great event. 

Parents Day - October 2016

APS on Friday the 21st October held a marvellous gathering on its playground to conduct the Parents’ Day. In line with prior year’s practice, this year’s event of Parents’ Day kicked off with a presentation from the CEO, Mr. Ali Afridi, and a brief address from the Principal, Maj (R) Manzur Hussain Qureshi followed by interactive discussions with the parents. As always, we listened to the parents and welcomed their valuable feedback which are always taken seriously and we would appreciate if the parents could continue discussing their feedback with management as and when required.

Thank you to parents and staff for making the recent Parents’ Day a success.

Annual Day - March 2016

Our annual founders day was held on 27th March 2016 in our school sports ground. This year’s event was a smashing success. It was our best ever event. All activities were performed by APS students; they were the true stars.

The parents/guardians of our school were also present in number higher than we have ever witnessed in prior years. The enjoyed the day as much as the student and staff did in preparing and presenting the various acts. Bravo to all our staff and students for putting up such a fabulous show.

This year we did not invite anyone to be our chief guest. As our Principal mentioned during his speech, all parents were chief guests. The prizes in various categories were, therefore presented by some of the parents.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for their hard work in pulling together a great event and look forward to setting the bar ever higher in our futures events.

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