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In April 2019, the School reached another milestone with the opening of brand new building to accommodate boys from classes 5 onwards. In September this journey of growth will continue with the induction of our first ever college students.

The new building will have state of the art IT lab where our students will shine in the technologies of the future. Our vision is to become the main IT hub in Peshawar. Expect our students to learn to code from an early age. No longer expect them to the passive consumers of technology.  Instead, envision them as the pioneering innovators of our future. All of this is possible and it is happening right now.

Success is only possible when there is a vision. At APS, our strategy provides the strong pillars for supporting the story of successful change. We are always changing with time and in today’s fast paced world, the speed of change matters more than ever before. It is the speed with which we change to evolving circumstances that ultimately defines us. The secret is to be a disruptor rather than being the disrupted.

Innovate, Innovate, Innovate

Our message of change is a message of continuous innovation. In order to thrive, Schools of today can no longer rely on traditional methods. The golden rule for us that we must continue to come up with new methods of delivering up to date knowledge.

Today, the pace of change is so fast that, in order to remain relevant, all sectors must continuously change and reinvent.  We must never lose sight of this and welcome the opportunities that such challenges present.

Our aim is always to be the primary drivers of efficiency through innovation on all fronts.

Future belongs to those who are examining themselves right now. Who are challenging themselves and taking themselves out of their comfort zone.  Those who are investing in innovation and using new technologies. Who are not afraid of change and not afraid of the future. We are the future.

Our Facilities

We place the highest importance on use of technology and all our classes have integrated connectivity and smart board facilities. The first of its kind in Peshawar.

Our chemistry, biology and physics labs are modern, well equipped and safe. There is also a large hall with seating capacity exceeding 100.

Students in Boys and Senior Section enjoy vast spaces for sports such as cricket, athletics, football and many more.

Throughout the building, marble flooring and hand-crafted doors reinforce our motto of quality in everything. Our building was constructed by local craftsmen, people from our community feeling proud to be part of this journey of growth and success.