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Welcome to our Girls and Junior section where we take in students from the age of 3 and where girls have a chance to continue their education up to college level. This is a place of endeavour, teamwork, integrity and laughter. A place where each child is nurtured. We value education in its widest sense; making the most of today in order that we can make even more of tomorrow.  This is ‘Learning for Life.’

Our education is about encouraging our children to be curious, to be creative and to be compassionate. At Ali Public School, Learning is not a spectator sport!

We work closely with the community and our team of staff is talented and committed and we are proud to attract the best in class.  The range of experiences our teaching team provide for our children is superb.  Every person cares deeply about the children in their care.

Every morning, your child is welcomed by the Headmistress and two section coordinator; doing our best to ensure that the day begins as we want it to continue – with a smile.

Junior Section

We open our doors to toddlers from the age of 3 who are cared for by a team of highly trained dedicated female tutors, treating each child as their own with care and compassion. Children are given ample opportunities to learn while playing and to bond with others. At this formative age, it is essential to provide them with a well well-balanced set of activities: playing, listening, being productive members of teams and providing avenues for expression of their intuitions and inherent talents.

Our vast playground has a dedicated play area for young children where they can run, play and do what every child loves most: being playful with his/her friends.

Our classrooms are large and airy with plenty of natural light. Junior section staff have decorated each room, giving it a warm feeling with personal touches to emphasise our belief in being unique in everything we do. Our curriculum is challenging and provides strong foundations with particular focus on literacy and numeracy skills.

Girls Section

Summer 2018 was turning point in the short history of our School. We opened a separate section for girls in class 5 and above. Up to that point, with a heavy heart, we had to see girls leave after class 4; we simply didn’t have enough space to offer any further classes. All of that changed in 2018.

Girls can now continue their studies uninterrupted up to and including college level. They have their own separate section, exclusively managed and run by female staff members. We feel confident these talented girls will set the bar very high for future generations to come.

Facilities in our Girls Section are of the highest quality. With exclusive access to a large playground, they have ample opportunities for physical and extra-curricular activities to complement their routine academic studies.