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What makes us different

class-room-digitalSince our inception, leadership has been on the curriculum at  Ali Public School. Not everyone will go on to be a leader in the conventional sense, but all will certainly have vital or leading roles to play within teams and will face responsibility. Fostering the qualities and instilling the values one would expect to find in effective leaders and communicators remains one of the most distinctive features of our School. The ‘can do’ approach so evident in Ali Public School owes much to the priority we give to applauding involvement and encouraging all students to expand the range of their experiences and skills.

Teaching and learning

There is both a strong work ethic and high academic expectation at Ali Public School so that boys from across a broad range of ability achieve outstanding results. The engine for this is a Common Room of distinguished teaching dons for whom nothing is too much trouble. Many boys are helped in work organisation and to improve literacy skills by a Learning Support Department.

Values & responsibility

At Ali Public School certain core values are prioritized. These values are kindness moral courage, responsibility for oneself and for others and integrity as providing the foundation for a life that is achieving and at the same time selfless and meaningful. The responsibilities owed by those living in a community are wide ranging. Our pupils can expect to be challenged and taught what it means to lead and to be led by others. They will be shown kindness and will quickly come to recognize and appreciate the rewards that follow personal industry, moral courage, integrity, selflessness, resilience and initiative.