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Statement of Intent

Ali Public School has appropriate security measures in place to create a safe environment for staff and students, and to protect school property.

The Policy is set out in this document. The Policy will be kept under constant review and reviewed at least annually.



The Governing Body

Through the Health and Safety/Buildings and Premises Committee (hereafter the “Committee”), is the Governing Body which is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the health and safety policy of the School as and when necessary. The Committee will carry out periodic safety inspections, at least once per academic term. Records of the inspections are discussed at the meetings of the Committee.

The Principal

Overall responsibility for the detailed health and safety arrangements within the School lies with the Principal and, in his/her absence, with the designated team leader in charge. It is the Principal’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the health and safety regulations.


All employees have the responsibility to co-operate to achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others. Whenever an employee notices a health and safety problem this should be drawn to the attention of the Principal immediately who will record it in the incident book.




All accidents are recorded and monitored. We have two aid boxes, one in the junior section, and one in the senior section. If there is an emergency situation, a school van is called to transport a child to hospital. Wherever possible, the parent should accompany their child. If this is not possible, the child is accompanied by at least one member of staff.

Reporting hazards

All staff are responsible for reporting hazards. It is then the Principal’s responsibility to follow up this report. The Committee monitors the action taken to remedy hazards.
Electrical safety

All staff are expected to visually check equipment before use and report damage and remove from the area with a notice saying “Fault Do Not Use”. In addition, a risk assessment is carried out on an annual basis and appliances tested by a qualified electrician.

Staff should note that particular care needs to be taken with extension leads, to avoid trailing wires. No electrical equipment should be introduced into school from home without the prior agreement of the Principal.

Control of substances hazardous to health regulations

Any substances marked as dangerous are not left in classrooms. Staff should check that instructions are followed when using any such substances. Teaching staff should note that the use of chemicals in science should be checked with the science co-ordinator or the Principal.


It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that equipment is in good working order and is stored safely. Any faulty equipment should be withdrawn from use and reported to the Principal, with a note saying “Fault Do Not Use”.


Health & Hygiene


Ali Public School has adopted a strict no smoking policy within the school buildings, playgrounds, vehicles and all other property.


It is the responsibility of the Principal to monitor the cleanliness of the building. This is part of the weekly visual inspection. All staff are responsible for encouraging good hygiene habits in the children. Particular emphasis is placed on hand washing.

Outdoor visits

These are considered a vital part of our work. Any outdoor visit is carefully researched and evaluated by the Principal. Parental consent for the visit is always sought. Staff should be aware of the Ali Public School guide-lines for educational visits.

School Vans

Students who avail Ali Public School transport facility are strongly advised to sit inside the vans at all times. It is the responsibility of students and their parents to take such actions and abide by the rules, as the school will not be held accountable for any outcome of non-compliance with School policy, advice and instruction. Students and their parents/guardians must live by the School’s Core Values, one of which is taking Responsibility for one’s actions and behavior. When students are out on the road, the Core Value of taking Responsibility takes on added importance. Ali Public School has taken all necessary measures within its powers for safe transport. These include, but are not limited to, use of new vans that have adequate head covers, adequate seating, the presence of conductors and employment of well qualified drivers. All drivers and conductors of Ali Public School have strict instructions to look after the students and are vigilant at all times.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in official disciplinary action.


All staff and pupils are encouraged to be aware of strangers on the premises. If a visitor is unknown, identification should be requested. Staff are encouraged to challenge strangers and ask for identification. Visitors are requested to enter only by the front door. Any act of violence or abuse towards a member of staff must be reported to the Principal, who will take the appropriate action. All staff are asked to be alert to suspicious activities.


All contractors are expected to report their arrival and departure to the Principal or office staff before commencing work. If they are working in an unsafe manner they may be asked to stop work by the Principal.

Staff and the health and safety policy

All staff, teaching and non-teaching, are given a copy of the policy. New staff are given a copy and are required to confirm they have read it.