Debate & Speech Competition

Debate and Speech Competition

Today, APS conducted its first ever debate and speech competition in the school playground. The focus was on content and substance over style, encouraging APS students to engage in an intelligent contest of ideas and holding up their ideas to critical scrutiny. Students from Grade 1 to 4 delivered speeches on multiple topics such as importance of education etc. whereas students from Grade 5 to 9 covered a range of speeches as well as engaging in a healthy debate competition. As for the debate competition, each team consisted of two students in Grade 5 and up. Within their teams, students had to argue for or against a motion set by the school. Trophies/medals will be distributed among the winners on the occasion of the annual founders’ day to be held in March 2017. APS would like to thank all their staff and students, and, last but not least, everyone for their hardwork and making it all happen.