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Ali Public School welcomes students from a broad spectrum of ability although standards and expectations are high. Our priority is to ensure that all pupils joining the school are able to benefit positively from the curriculum on offer and to enjoy academic and personal success in the future.

  • Nursery & K.G: Parents may apply to register a child for entry at any time before the usual entry point of 4+. Pupils are taught in their academic year. If places are available pupils may enter at other ages.
  • Class 1 – 10: Students will be admitted to the School on the basis of their ability as determined by their performance in entrance test set and administered by Ali Public School.
  • A score of 50% or above in the entrance tests means that an applicant is eligible for consideration for admission to the School.
  • On receipt of an application form and fee parents are provided with written confirmation of a place on an agreed date.
  • Available places are offered to pupils strictly in registration order, irrespective of gender, class, disability, and ability, although parents are advised to visit the school prior to registration to satisfy themselves that the school is equipped to meet the needs of their child where any specific difficulty occurs. The School will act reasonably when considering an application for entry by a parent/guardian of a prospective pupil with a disability.
  • All applications received are considered on an ‘equal preference’ basis.

How to apply for a place at Ali Public School

Please collect an application form directly from the school.  Please complete the application form and return to the school together with the following documents:

  • Your child’s birth certificate and/or Form B
  • Your child’s 3 passport size photographs
  • A copy of CNIC of your child’s parents/guardian
  • Your child’s previous school leaving certificate(s), if applicable