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Children benefit from homework activities and we expect all children to do some additional work at home. The type of activity and amount of time spent depends upon the age of the child.  We expect every child to read regularly at home either independently or with an adult. Other activities include learning spellings, carrying out a specific task to prepare for a lesson during the week.  We have a detailed policy for homework, which is detailed below and subject to change without prior notice:

Nursery & K.G.

Monday English (written), Urdu (written), Maths (oral)
Tuesday Maths (written), English (written), Urdu (oral)
Wednesday Urdu (written), Maths (written), English (oral)
Thursday English (written), Urdu (written), Science (oral)
Friday English (written), Urdu (written), Maths (oral)
Saturday Maths (written), English (written), IQ (oral)

Class 1, 2 & 3

Monday Islamiyat (written), Maths (written), English (oral)
Tuesday Science (written), English (written), Maths (oral)
Wednesday Urdu (written), Islamiyat (written), Science (oral)
Thursday Maths (written), Urdu (written), Islamiyat(oral)
Friday English (written), Islamiyat (written), Urdu (oral)
Saturday Maths (written), Science (written), English (oral)

Class 4 – 8

Monday English, Maths, Islamiyat
Tuesday Urdu, Science, Social Studies/Geography
Wednesday English, Maths, Islamiyat
Thursday Urdu, Science, Social Studies/Geography
Friday English, Maths
Saturday No homework assignment

Class 9 – 10

Monday Physics, Biology, Chemistry
Tuesday English, Maths, Urdu
Wednesday Social Studies, Physics, Islamiyat
Thursday Biology, English, Maths
Friday Chemistry, Physics, Urdu
Saturday Maths, Social Studies, Islamiyat